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Tongue-in-cheek adorable, full of razzmatazz!"


Welcome to the Kingdom of Astorya!

Croaker is the new hit family musical that audiences find "RIBBITING!"

When the beautiful, but spoiled Princess Acrimonia throws her new golden ball out the window and into the garden, she encounters the lovable Croaker, a prince-turned frog, whose only hope at turning back into a human is to be invited for dinner, sleep on her pillow, and be kissed - on the nose!  With the help of his froggy friends, Croaker and the Princess form an unlikely friendship, and teach each other the importance of following your dreams, and discovering you who truly are inside. 

Full of laughter, wacky characters, big heart, and a wonderfully memorable Broadway-style score, Croaker is the new show that will charm audiences of any age.

Now available for licensing.  Click HERE to inquire about your theater company producing Croaker.

Alexander Sapp from 
Virginia Repertory Theatre's production of Croaker

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